Charging technologies:

1, Power IQ (1.0): only charges the non--quick charge devices such as iPhone faster than the original wall charger. If the device supports any other Quick Charges, the Power IQ battery will not fast charge it but only at a normal speed.

2, Qualcomm Quick Charge(2.0/3.0): Mainly to quick charge devices enabled Qualcomm Quick Charge such as Galaxy S7. Please note QC 2.0 does not support QC 3.0 but QC3.0 is compatible with QC 2.0. The output is generally at/around 9V/2A for QC devices.

Most common devices capable of Qualcomm Quick Charge: Samsung Galaxy, LG, Moto, HTC phone(depends on specific models)

3, Power IQ 2.0 : Equals Power IQ(1.0) + Qualcomm Quick Charge(2.0/3.0)

4, Power Delivery: Mainly to charge power delivery enabled devices such as Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch or MacBook/MacBook Pro USB-C devices. PD devices must have the USB-C charging port.

Here are the general devices that enable Power Delivery charging as per our acknowledgment:

MacBook 2015/2016 29W/30W adapter, MacBook Pro 2016/2017 61W(13’’)/87W(15’’), iPhone 8/8 plus, iPhone X, Nintendo Switch, Google Pixel/Pixel 2/2XL.

To maximize the charging speed, order a battery which has the same charging technology as your device.

There are also some other types fast charging on some of the Android devices, please see below. Currently, we do not have a battery that could fast charge them.

Huawei phones - support supercharging
One plus - supports dash charge.