For laptops:

Normally, we do not suggest customers use a battery to charge laptop. To check the compatibility, we have to know the
charging parameter (voltage and current, you can find it on the wall charger) of the laptop.

If customer has macbook 2016, macbook pro 2016, macbook pro 2017 USB-C devices, you can recommend our power delivery batteries such as A1275/A1375, but these batteries doesn't support full-speed charging. We do not have battery to charge Macbook with a Magsafe connector.

For phones:

Please search the phone model from this link ( ) to find the charging technology and input port type.

For others devices such as GPS, camera, please find the charging parameter (voltage and current) on ebay/Amazon or on Google by searching "wall charger/AC adapter for XXX". If we are unable to find the charging information of the device online, please ask the customer to take a picture showing the voltage and current on the original wall charger.