1. Please turn on both of Soundcore Motion B speakers.

2. Hold the Bluetooth button on both the speakers for a few seconds simultaneously untill te bluetooth light flash white quickly. 

3. Wait for about 5-8s, there will be a beep sound which means the two speakers pair successfully. Also, there will be a solid white indicator for a speaker and flashing Bluetooth indicator from the other speaker. The speaker which has a flashing Bluetooth indicator is the main speaker, then you can pair your device with the main speaker.



Avoid having any electronic devices between the two speakers. Make sure the distance between the two speakers not greater than 5 meters/16.4 feet.


-- If you can't enter TWS mode, please hold the Bluetooth and volume+ buttons for 2S at the same time, and release them when you hear the "Beep" prompt tone, then move on to TWS pairing, but you need clear all the pairing records and research and reconnect.