When you use Life Note for the first time the right side is the primary earbud and the left is the secondary by default. Wait for Soundcore Life Note-L (or headset on some devices) pairing request and click “pair”. If you click "cancel" this will not affect your use of the earbuds in stereo mode, but will affect your ability to switch between stereo and mono mode.

Ways to Switch:

1. Place either one of the earbuds in the charging case or hold down the button on one earbud to turn if off manually, you can keep using the other one.
2. If either one of the earbuds is out of battery and powered off, you can keep using the other one.

- For iPhone 11 Series: Manually switch between the primary and secondary earbuds by clicking on the Bluetooth name of the secondary earbud on your device.

- When you switch from stereo to mono, the audio will pause. Within 2-4 seconds Life Note will connect again so press play to continue listening.

- If switching to mono mode fails, clear Life Note from your phone's Bluetooth connection record and pair again.