Follow the below steps :

1) Use the earbuds regularly to avoid over-discharge which can harm the lifespan of the earbuds' battery. We recommend using Life Note E at least once a month.

2) Charge the earbuds after you use them. In order to improve the battery’s lifespan, do not always wait until there's 20% power remaining or less to charge them.

3) If you intend to store the charging case, make sure there are at least 2 indicators that light up on the case to ensure there is enough power.

4) Open the lid of the charging case at least once a month to ensure the earbuds are still working.

5) Regularly clean the charging pins on the earbuds and charging case.

6) Keep the ear tips clean.

7) If  Life Note E comes into contact with liquid, use a hairdryer on the 'cool' setting to dry the case.